The North Shore of Lake Superior is one of the best places in North America to see the spring and fall bird migration. Summer migration begins as early as April and continues to the of May. During this time, keep an eye out for soaring Bald Eagles and, if you're lucky, a Peregrine Falcon.  Whether you're in the forest or strolling along Lake Superior's shore, keep your eyes to the sky! Spring and autumn are the best times to see the most varieties of birds as migrations take place. The weather patterns and sheer size of Lake Superior funnel the migrating birds along the North Shore at these times. The ice resistant waters of Lake Superior attract gulls and other rare water birds long into the winter.  

During your birding outing make sure to look at the sign on our front lawn. We have a very special resident living on the south facing side: a Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker who loves to nest in our sign. We thought it only appropriate to include it in our logo.

Minnesota DNR - North Shore Birds