On Your Mark? Get Set! Go Dog Sledding in MN

December 23, 2019


Winter is officially in full force up by Minnesota’s North Shore. Visitors and locals alike are gearing up for a long season of ice fishing, skiing, and dog sledding here at Cascade Lodge. Few things are more beautiful than the shores of Lake Superior during winter months. Luckily, you can explore the region from the back of a luge, with husky sled dogs as your guide. Before technology advances led to snow tires and snowmobiles, dog sledding was the only reliable form of winter transportation. Dog sledding in MN is kept alive through a small group of mushers who enjoy the old-time tradition. For some mushers, dog sledding means maintaining a kennel and offering dog sled rides. However, other mushers enjoy the sport of dog sledding and compete in races such as John Beargrease. You’ll quickly find that dog sledding in MN—for those who’ve never experienced it—is an unforgettable adventure.

Where to Go Dog Sledding in MN

Selecting a dog sledding location can be overwhelming, especially since there are so many options to choose from near our North Shore cabins. However, there’s no need to search for “dog sledding near me.” Our team has several sledding excursions for your family to try that are aligned with your budget and interests. With our staff as your guide, your dog sledding experience will be one for the books.

Points Unknown

Location: 82 Irish Creek Road, Hovland, MN

Length: All three of their dog sled rides vary in time. True North Woods Dog Sledding Experience is three hours, the Taste of the North Woods Dog Sledding Experience is one hour and 30 minutes, and the Day in the Life Dog Sledding Experience, full-day excursion.

Price: All three dog sled rides vary in price, between $119 - $499.

Why Choose Points Unknown? Points Unknown offers an authentic dog sledding experience, tucked away in Minnesota’s Arrowhead Region. The husky sled dogs are all well-trained and highly socialized, so you’re guaranteed to have a five-star ride. Many of our guests enjoy Points Unknown because of the several ride options. The guides genuinely help guests optimize their time spent with the husky sled dogs.

Bearskin Lodge

Location: 124 East Bearskin Road, Grand Marais, MN

Length: 45 minutes on average. However, special arrangements can be made.

Price: $90 for guests 13+ and $60 for children

Why Choose Bearskin Lodge? For guests looking for dog sled adventures with professionals, we recommend Bearskin Lodge. While the trips aren’t as long as other dog sled rides, Bearskin Lodge offers several time slots for sled rides, so you’re more likely to have this experience during your Lutsen vacation. The guides also allow two sleds at once, so your family can ride together. Ask your sled guides about their experience racing in Beargrease.

Cascade Lodge’s North Shore Cabins

You’re bound to catch a chill when dog sledding in MN. The energetic dogs love to run and tend to reach high speeds, which can make for a cold ride. Luckily, many of our North Shore cabins have a stone fireplace for you to warm up your fingers and toes. Our charming cottages are the perfect lodging option for every guest. Whether you’re searching for a luxurious home or a rustic log cabin, you’ll find a cozy atmosphere and identical appeal in all of our vacation rentals. Start searching for your dream vacation rental today by visiting our website, or talking to our staff at 218-387-1112.