June 4, 2023

Facts About The Lake Superior Agates

If you are planning a vacation to Minnesota's North Shore you will undoubtedly stumble upon Lake Superior. You should absolutely take some time to admire Lake Superior, and when you do, you may come across some agate. Lake Superior agates are stunning to see up close. The best way to start your North Shore vacation is by booking directly with Cascade Lodge. We can help you start your hunt for Lake Superior agates with some helpful facts about this beautiful natural feature.

  • According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, "some say Lake Superior agates are the oldest in the world."

  • Lake Superior agate is the state's official gemstone.

  • The "agate capital of the world" is found at Moose Lake. While it's not near the North Shore, Agate Days are celebrated yearly.

  • The agate is made of quartz and is typically red due to iron deposits that form rings.

  • The agate can be as small as a marble or weigh up to 20 pounds.

  • Even though it's called Lake Superior Agate, you can find them almost everywhere in Minnesota. You can typically find them in rivers, gravel pits, and lakes.

  • If you find a large agate, you can sell it for hundreds of dollars.

Hunting For Agate

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