Cascade Lodge Renovation

Cascade Lodge Renovations: Our Beloved Lake Superior Lodge Gets a Facelift

March 31st, 2021

Since 1927, Cascade Lodge has provided refuge to those seeking to escape the doldrums of urban life. Located on the North Shore of Minnesota’s Lake Superior, Cascade Lodge originated as a series of cabins built on the lakeshore by the area’s first commercial fishermen. Over the years, our historic Lake Superior lodge has evolved into what our guests know today. In 2020, the main lodge went through a series of renovations that further modernize our historic destination while retaining its early 20th-century charm.

The Main Lodge

The main building of our Lake Superior lodge has been a landmark on Lake Superior’s shores since 1939. The West Wing of the lodge was completed in 1957 and has undergone several changes over the years. We plan to continue these changes in an effort to modernize our Lake Superior lodge while keeping the historic charm of the property.

The Beginning

The first step of our recent renovation efforts began in late 2019 with a complete remodel of the lodge’s bathrooms. We installed new flooring and fixtures in each bathroom in a total rejuvenation effort that modernizes the space. After a few delays and several weeks of hard work, our bathrooms are sparkling new and ready for guests.

Keeping the Good

To preserve the sanctity of our historic Lake Superior lodge, we hoped to salvage the original hardwood flooring that hid underneath a handful of carpeted rooms. Unfortunately, much of the flooring proved unsalvageable. Underneath decades worth of paint, we found beautifully crafted wooden windows, which we decided to restore to their former glory by matching the original white paint of each window. In addition to the window trim, original room doors, glass doorknobs, brass room numbers, and brass window and door hinges were all preserved and restored for use in each room. Old art from the rooms was relocated to common spaces for all to enjoy.

Making Each Space Unique

Rather than furnish our rooms with cookie-cutter hotel décor, we used oak and ash wood and worked with a local interior designer to define the vision for the space. After searching for the right manufacturer, we partnered with a local maker who exceeded our expectations and delivered our high-quality furniture on time.

Supporting Local Artists

Our original vision for each room always included local art. Grand Marais is a haven for artists in the area, and fiber art has deep roots on the North Shore. After much deliberation, we settled on fiber art and tree ring prints for each of the rooms, both of which were handmade on the property of our Lake Superior lodge.

The Finishing Touches

Timeless bright white walls and deep navy black tongue and groove wainscot give the space a generation-transcending atmosphere with a classic look fitting for our historic Lake Superior lodge. Due to the current pandemic, we chose to invest in HEPA filter air purifiers and install them in all of our lodge rooms.

For more information about our historic Lake Superior lodge and the surrounding North Shore, please read our history and heritage. We can’t wait for you to see our newly-renovated lodge and host you here at Cascade Lodge.